S&A Fine Chemicals is an Indian registered company established in 2013, is a professional supplier of cellulose ethers (CMC, HEC, HPMC ,MHEC, HPC, MC,etc), specialized in various water based formulations like latex paints, dry mix mortars, adhesives, ceramics, welding electrodes, oil drilling, etc. We have achieved this success through the hard work of our employees, who have superior knowledge and experience in various industry. Our growth and success can also be attributed to the continued support and cooperation of our customers and suppliers. For this we would like to express our sincere appreciation.



    • We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and supplier not only provide immediate and reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goals.
    • We create commercial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners.
    • Supported our network, we are able to integrate all these functions with our fruitful experience. Our numerous competencies allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new market.
    • We are committed to source certified cellulose ethers from China. We search out the very best in the products we offer, striving to provide a wide variety of cellulose ether series at the best possible prices.

We look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business in India.



To remain the leading as well as preferred supplier & exporter of cellulose ether series for various water based formulations throughout Asia Pacific region.


  • Striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the customers.
  • Being market leaders in defend market segments.
  • Providing quality products & reliable services and sourcing from reputed manufacturers.
  • Becoming professional marketing partners for our principals to meet the objectives of sales, market information, and customer service.
  • Being the preferred supplier of our customers, with our products exceeding their quality requirements.
  • Giving timely information to the customers regarding trends of the market dynamics.